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Designing upon the basic fundamental elements of architecture: line, square, rectangle, this project seeks to amplify and abstract the design concept into a retreat for a film director. Students began by composing a two-dimensional abstract composition, consisting of these elements. In sequence, the analysis process was then applied to identify the shapes and voids of the design through multiple iterations, drawing’s and models. This development thus resulted in the creation of a final three-dimensional design for a retreat that places emphasis upon the concept of framing views.


Behind this final design, the creation of vantages and experiences for the audience is reflective of the director’s position as the designer of perspectives. This was achieved through the supporting elements of balance, axis, and rhythm. The project’s emphasis was on developing these elements in a way to capture and express powerful vantage points for the viewer. Ultimately, this retreat gives way to both a physically and emotionally strong experience. The design positions, structure, and landscape result in the culmination of the main design concept. 



Vantage Points

Retreat for a Film Director

10,000 sq. ft.

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