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I am a dynamic and ambitious Veteran with five years military experience in the United States Navy Submarine Force. Since my time in the Navy, I have pursued and achieved my Bachelor of Architecture at the University of Tennessee [five-year program]. I have used my time and experience in the Navy to springboard a successful undergraduate and professional career. I wouldn't be me whithout the people surrounding me. I come from a large family of ten, and I know how to stand up and work hard. The Navy thrusted me into roles reliant on leadership, dedication, and team work. Demanding as the Navy was, it provided unique opportunities while molding me to succeed in any environment. I strive to work hard and that carries over to my design skills. I am fascinated with all levels of design, whether it be a detail, painting, or making films. I am always intrigued, continuouly striving to understand and master what is in front of me. 



= traversed

= lived

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